Urban Planning

We use participatory planning which involves the entire community in the planning process.

Community Organizing

We identify community problems and help solve by involving the affected.

Access to Information

We educate and help the informal settlements in matters ICT by providing access.

Legal Services

We provide free legal services to individuals or groups that are eligible particulary marginalized.


The Trust after its formation focussed on networking CBOs around the issues they were addressing from the community/grassroots level to City level.

A baseline survey conducted in September 2009 seeking answers as to highest incidences of poverty in Kisumu gave birth to formation of Grassroots Trust. The study sought answers to why the city was experiencing highest poverty levels at 48% against the national average of 29% despite abundance of Mother Nature resources and government/human interventions. read more

Do You Need Help?

Contact us and we help you to solve any of your problem.

The Grassroots Team

1st Kisumu International Housing Conference

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Kisumu City Hosts International Conference on Adequate and Affordable Housing

A decent shelter is fundamental to physical and psychological well-being and the social stability of communities. It has central importance to the quality of life and human dignity with considerable economic, social, cultural significance.