Why Us

Our Vision, mission or charisma, goal, main activities and geographical scope:

Grassroots Trust believes strongly that community organizing facilitates the building of a critical, informed mass-based peoples organizations with structures for good governance that become vehicles for actions, empowerment, articulation of issues, engagement and participation in building and management of an equitable, just, inclusive and peaceful society.

Who we are

Community driven solutions, promoting change in society

To facilitate communities through community organizing in coming up with solutions for empowerment and sustainable development.

Community organizing facilitates the building of a critical mass-based peoples’ organizations with structures for good governance that become vehicles for actions, empowerment, and articulation of issues, and participation

A grassroots Community with enhanced capacity to participate in governance for sustained influencing of resource allocation, services provision; access to adequate and affordable housing and policy formulation and implementation for positive transformation.

Urban planning, Community organizing, legal Aid, Financial literacy, Modern Agriculture, Policy advocacy, Research and Access to information.

To strengthen capacity of grassroots community organizations to participate in governance through sustained influencing of resource allocation, infrastructure development, services’ provision, spatial planning, policy formulation and implementation for positive transformation.

Specific Objectives

1. To facilitate the formation, development and strengthening of structures of governance in community based organizations (CBOs) that are open and accessible to the rest of community members, while promoting engagement with the outside.

2. To facilitate the establishment of knowledge resource centers.

3. Support grassroots CBOs to establish effective communication and information structures to facilitate, access to information and sharing, and peer experience exchanges for empowerment.

4. To link CBOs with institutions that offer financial, business development and credit services for livelihood improvement.

5. To facilitate capacity building in leadership, financial literacy, community organizing, ICT and business management.

6. To promote access to information and awareness creation through lobbying and advocacy.

Main Activities

1. Peer experience exchange, mentoring and review

2. Training in community organizing, leadership, financial literacy, business management, building technology, and production of building materials.

3. Community-led physical planning

4. Access to information

5. Education and awareness creation on Housing Rights

6. Community Issues and claim mobilizations

7. Research, documentation and Publications.

8. Farming

9. Low-cost housing development

Geographical Scope

Grassroots Trust operates in Kisumu, Siaya and Migori Counties.

Religious orientation/congregation

The organization honours and respects all religious cultures and affiliations.

Organizational structure

The management structure and governance of the organization. Grassroots Trust is headed by a coordinator who serves as the Programmes leader and head of the secretariat. Under the co-ordinator are five other programme officers. At times, the organization sources suitable consultants. A board of Trustees responsible for policy formulation is the highest organ of the organization.