maxwell Otieno

Advocacy & Social Planning

Maxwell K. Otieno is a physical planner with over 10 years’ experience in sustainable urban and regional planning, slum upgrading, governance, advocacy, community entry and integration, community development, community mobilization, research assistant, climate change and project planning and management.

He has undertaken projects of .

He leads the advocacy and social planning programme at Grassroots Trust for Community Organization in Kenya. He possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning with Information Technology from Maseno University and is currently pursuing his Masters in Project Planning and Management from Maseno University having undertaken a Master’s Programme Design for Sustainable Development from Chalmers University in Sweden.

«From the moment I took my first physical planning class, I knew I had found a field that would become a lifelong passion. Planning has enabled me to combine my natural ability to understand how a person feels in a space with my innate creativity. My education has exposed me to the processes of integrated spatial design and I am passionate about combining physical planning, landscape architecture, and sustainable design to create projects that are environmentally responsible and directly address clients’ needs with resilience in mind. I relish the opportunity to work on projects that enhance the well-being of the people in the space and stimulate the relationship between the users, the buildings and the surroundings. My educational experience has allowed me to explore a variety of media, improving my skills, but also enabling me to better understand the planning process; beginning with rural/local area to cities and integrating these at times with ArcGIS to bring the design into wonderful pieces. I am a self-motivated and hard-working individual with good interpersonal skills, a team leader, effective planning and organizational skills, creative and innovative and ability to interact and learn with diverse group of people and also excellent oral and communication skills and I thrive when participating in collaborative design. As a young planner am eager to use my skills learned in school in the professional world and continue to develop my physical planning and design knowledge. .»

Programme Coordinator – Advocacy & Social Planning