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About Us


Vision statement

We envision community driven solutions, promoting change in society.


Mission statement

Our main mission is to facilitate communities through community organizing in coming up with solutions for empowerment and sustainable development.


Grassroots Trust for Community Organization in Kenya (GRATCO-K) is a non-profit making organization working with the urban and rural poor.

Our Background

A baseline survey conducted in September 2009 seeking answers to highest incidences of poverty in Kisumu gave birth to formation of Grassroots Trust. The Trust after its formation focuses on networking CBOs around the issues they are addressing from the community/grassroots level to City level.

Our Belief

We believe that community organizing facilitates the building of critical mass-based peoples’ organizations with structures and power for good governance that become:-

  • Vehicles for actions,
  • Empowerment.
  • Articulation of issues and
  • Informed participation.


Currently, the trust works with Community Based Organizations, like minded Non-Governmental
Organizations (NGOs) and their Networks, line government ministries and corporate entities


Strengthening Grassroots’ Organizations through community organization and training for increased public participation, Influencing urban planning, Resource allocation, access to adequate and affordable housing, Food security, Services provisions


Real change is possible when communities are organized and able to identify their issues, initiate their own solutions and drive processes while partnering with other actors to strengthen their capacity and ensure that they have appropriate governance structures that are accountable to its members and the community at large. The trust encourages local ownership and leadership in development initiatives.


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