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Our Programs

Right to adequate and affordable housing
This right is often violated with impunity and rarely treated as a human right and instead as a private business (Commoditized).
Community Outreach
Grassroots Trust is involved in organizing for change. It is dedicated to the empowerment and transformation of the grassroots poor through community organization and training in order ..
Access to information and ICT skills
Residents of informal settlements especially women, have less access to ICT and vital information and are thus underrepresented in decision making platforms.
Food security
Adequate and quality/nutritious food on the table is critical. Our work with the rural poor focuses on farming crops, raising livestock for food security and other human needs as well as economic gains
Networking, partnership and sustainability
Aware that we are not alone in this sector, the need to collaborate with others for strength, shared knowledge and resources cannot be overemphasized.
Monitoring, evaluation and innovation
Apply a systematic program checks/assessment for quality outcome, document progress and how interventions evolve while ensuring programs are adequately implemented